CHISPA is a Latinx imprint founded by the indie Los Angeles production company Mucho Más Media in partnership with Scout Comics.

Chispa is led by David Bowles (Clockwork Curandera, Tales of the Feathered Serpent) and Héctor Rodríguez III (El Peso Hero), successful Mexican American writers and educators who have spent decades improving literacy in their communities and building capacity among Latine creatives. The two co-publishers work closely with creative director Phillip Braun and Mucho Más Media CEO Javier Chapa not only to showcase existing talent, but also to shepherd, train, and provide work for up-and-coming comics writers and illustrators. Chispa then ensures that the books they create find their way both into the community and into the broader marketplace in which that work is certain to resonate. Aiding them in that work is their talented editorial assistant, Rachel Gentry.

As a division of Mucho Más Media, Chispa will help broaden Latine representation and content in TV and film through adaptations of the titles it curates.

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