Coming in January—The next chispa arises!

When Myra Neblina discovers that she can summon and control storms on her eighteenth birthday, her father wants her to stay home and help on their family farm more than ever. But Myra has dreams of going away to study to bring long-term solutions to the problems brought on by climate change and pollution. On top of it all, every time she brings the rains to Robstown, she falls mysteriously ill. Caught between her father, her dream, and a greedy oil company CEO, Myra must decide what sort of spark she needs to be.

Creative Team
Writer: Leticia Urieta
Cover Art: Charlene Bowles
Pencils/Inks: Verena Rodríguez
Colors: Verena Rodríguez
Letterer: Verena Rodríguez
Editors: Héctor Rodríguez III and David Bowles


Cover A features art by Charlene Bowles.
Cover B features art by Terry Blas.
Cover C features art by Verena Rodríguez.

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