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The day Baytown, Texas track star Olivia Estela turns eighteen, one of her brothers is almost hit by a car—until Olivia runs impossibly fast and pulls him to safety. Swearing her siblings to secrecy, she lets them help her explore her new abilities as she dreams of the independence that being a chispa might finally give her. But when a potential tragedy suddenly looms at the edge of town, Olivia will discover that family and community are worth risking one’s freedom to protect.

Writers: Jasminne Méndez, Lupe Méndez
Illustrator: Reyna Pelcastre 

The latest publication of the Chispaverse boasts multiple variant covers that you can collect!
Links in the captions.

Cover A features art by Charlene Bowles.
Cover B features art by Ariel Medel.
Cover C features art by Reyna Pelcastre.
Cover D features art by Terry Blas.

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