Super-powered humans in our publications are known as chispas (Spanish for “sparks”). Aside from the fact that DC and Marvel have a copyrighted monopoly on the term superhero (and Marvel on the word mutant), our world of gifted humans uses the term “chispa” to reflect a Latine perspective on heroism. Chispas arise from inside, not outside the community. They don’t fight evil just as vigilantes or powerful police, but as defenders of their people against the systems that foment crime, evil, and injustice. Doing so, they inspire others, sparking a fire in the hearts of common people to work together in solidarity to effect real change in the world.

There are four main teams in the Chispaverse: the Thirteen, the Hurricanes, the Affinity, and [forthcoming South American league].


An elite league of chispas with Mesoamerican roots, the Thirteen discover their abilities on their eighteenth birthdays, which occur one after another during a two-week period. They are recruited by the mysterious Father Tonal with full scholarships to Guadalupe College, where the priest hopes to train them to work as a team against a looming threat. 

The Thirteen debuted in October 2023 with Zopilote, the first in a series of one-shot origin stories that is publishing once a month through October 2024. A mini-series written by Terry Blas will follow in November 2024, featuring the entire line-up.

The Trinity or Big Three—eventual leaders of the Thirteen.
Coming in early 2024!
Coming spring 2024!


A team of chispas from the Caribbean, coming summer 2025.


A team of chispas from Central America, coming in late 2025.

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