This March 2024, the dragon will awaken! And a new member of the Thirteen will discover her powers.

Guadalupe “Lupe” Miramontes is stuck in a precarious position as a student-she’s from Mexico, but studying in the U.S., dreaming of giving her parents a better life than they have. Shortly after her eighteenth birthday celebration, she is stopped from returning to her studies for misplacing one of her many documents. In a moment of personal weakness, she finds strength in an ancient legend come to life. As the new thrall of a fire wyrm, Lupe needs to decide exactly what kind of spark she should be.

Creative Team
Writer: Veronique Medrano
Cover Art: Steph C.
Pencils/Inks: Steph C.
Colors: Steph C.
Letterer: Charlene Bowles
Editors: Héctor Rodríguez III and David Bowles


Cover A features art by Steph C.
Cover B features art by Terry Blas.

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