B&W Variant Covers for La Trinidad

Happy Latine Heritage Month! In October, the CHISPAVERSE launches with the origin story of ZOPILOTE (written by Héctor Rodríguez III), one of THE THIRTEEN (La Trecena), a team of gifted Mexicans and Mexican Americans.

Today we’re revealing the black & white variant cover for that first issue, from Ariel Medel —

Ariel also did a variant for THE WAKE (December 2023, written by Jasminne Mendez and Lupe Méndez, illustrated by Reyna Pelcastre), and Guillermo Villarreal’s art is featured on the B&W cover of PYROCLAST (November 2023, by Frederick Luis Aldama), rounding out la Trinidad de la Trecena, the Thirteen’s Trinity.

You’ll want to grab the “A” covers as well, by Héctor, Guillermo, and Charlene Bowles.

In a month, we’ll reveal the awesome Terry Blas variants of these three! And then a last set of variants (including Rey Pelcastre’s great art for THE WAKE) in November.

Pre-order now!

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